What to expect when working with everklick.

We create brands, websites, and campaigns designed to help organizations stay ahead of the market.

Our focus is creating an effective and purposeful digital representation of your business, that delivers exactly what your visitors need to become customers.

Our Process

Want to know how we’re getting your idea from a … well, from an idea to a final website? Here’s what to expect from us:

1. Discovery

We always start here, no matter what kind of project you’re throwing at us: You’re telling us about your company. We want to know where you are, what you offer and what your plans are.

To deliver effective results, we need to understand your mission, identify all requirements and set clear goals.

2. Strategy

Brand Building

We’ll define brand guidelines that we’ll apply to all designs and any content. For example, we define (or create) your logos, define fonts, color schemes, and similar.

Content Plan & Strategy

We will define goals and an effective strategy to reach them. This depends largely on your target customers and the product or service you offer.

3. Website

Creative phase

Define page layouts, pick images and other creative media that should be incorporated on your website. We’ll apply the brand guideline to all elements. Also, drafting the headlines and writing the copy of your website is part of this step. This phase often overlaps with the development phase


Create page templates, write custom code and scripts. This is usually the largest phase of a project, and turns the results of the creative phase into a functional website that works in all common browsers and devices.


Final SEO and performance preparations, add analytics tools, client training, and finally making the website publicly available.

4. Campaigns

Planning Phase

Campaigns are very individual and start with a planning phase. Here we define the campaign goals, target channels and prepare a strategy. Implementing the campaign can involve one or multiple of the following steps.

Content Creation

Keyword research and content creation – usually blog posts or regular social media posts.

Landing Pages

When aiming for certain conversions, a campaign landing page can greatly improve the results. The landing page matches your campaign and brand guidelines and can be quite different from the rest of your website.

Ads and Banners

We create individual banners for use inside emails, your website (for example inside the sidebar) or social media postings.

Social Media & Email Campaigns

Planning and scheduling a multichannel campaign usually involves at least one social media platform and an email series. We post matching content on every platform using relevant banners, ads or other media.


At certain points, we evaluate the performance of the campaign by collecting relevant metrics. This is done at least once, after the campaign ended.

5. Maintenance

Your website is done, everything is working; so what’s left to do? Just like a car, your online presence requires frequent check-ups and updates – our service plan has a few core components:

  • Updates: Keeping the software and plugins at a current version enhances speed, security and usability
  • Backups: Things can go wrong, websites can be hacked, or technical failure can lead to data-loss. We’ll ensure your
  • Configuration: We’ll frequently optimize security- and performance standards of your site

Why Everklick?

Not every client is a good fit for us. You should contact us, if one of the following is true:

  • You need help to define your business strategy and brand
  • You want to spend less time maintaining your website
  • Your online presence is not as professional as you like it to be
  • You would like to outsource marketing, to focus on your actual work
  • You’re looking for someone to code custom logic for your website
  • You struggle to get new customers online

Ready to Boost Your Business Online?

If you want to benefit from our professional experience and start getting more customers, contact us now.