We love handling the stuff that keeps distracting you.

Yes, it's true: We're nerds! We love installing software updates, tuning websites to make them faster, improving security, ...

That means, you can delegate (and forget) a bunch or annoying tasks from your schedule. And spend more time with your customers. Or family.

Maintenance Tasks

Running a website requires constant work and review. If you miss some updates, your website will become insecure or components might stop working. On the other side, every update has the potential to change (or break) parts of your website and must be manually tested.

You should not miss SEO trends as they change, and optimize your site’s performance when new options become available. Taking and restoring backups is a vital step to ensure your website’s health.

Those and other maintenance tasks are repeat chores that can take up a lot of time. You can outsource those things to us in very short time, with the certainty that everything is taken care of.

Hosting & Performance

No other factor is as important to your website’s performance and security as a good hosting partner! Choosing a wrong hosting service – usually a “cheap” one – results in sluggish performance at best; it can also lead to lost sales and poor search engine ranking, or even in your website being compromised by hackers.

We cooperate with leading and battle-tested WordPress hosting providers and are happy to take care of your website hosting altogether. That means, all the technical stuff is out of your feet, and no emails with obscure, nerdy-subjects hit your inbox anymore.

Custom Coding

No matter what type of custom logic you want to add to your website, everklick is your top partner for this. We bring years of experience to the table, and might have some ideas and suggestions that you’ve never thought about, before talking to us.

Common requests are implementing a new payment gateway for a shop, creating a branded user account area, adding dynamic forms to your website (like a front-end PDF generator), importing real-time stock prices into a line chart, and so much more.

If you want it, we can code it. Try us!